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Every used panty seller has to verify herself by taking a pic as below.

In the 9 years I have been selling my used panties I have heard from many men how they were scammed by fake sellers. It is too easy to just post a panty pic from anywhere and go in to business and then not come through with the real goods. This site is for honest sellers, selling their own worn panties and other garments. For those sellers I invite you to take a sample verification photo as seen in this example and together we will get your sales going. I want you to be as successful as I have been.

The list of happy buyers!

My idea for this site is to assist other sexy girls to do well in this business! And for buyers this will be a way to sample many sellers without the hassle of surfing all over the web. Less time and more variety. Putting buyers with their specific desires with ladies ready to please is the perfect web site. See my happy buyers!